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Cooking Classes

We're happy to announce our new classes, a special occasion where we host in our restaurant and we'll teach everyone how to prepare and make our pasta and recipe.

All the classes will be held in our facility where we try to let you learn in the more familiar and comfy way possible, using the same tools you can find at home. No professional machines or exotic ingridients, just flour, eggs, vegetables and a lot of work and fun!

Cooking is a fascinating adventure and we'll love to share with you!

We propose two different Classes:

Pasta making and Sauces

This pasta class is dedicated to discover how to make pasta from scratch. You'll learn how to make egg pasta dough and water pasta dough. Making pasta sheet, slicing spaghetti and fettuccine. After we'll explain how to make filled pasta such as ravioli, caramelle, fagottini and more! It'll be explain also how to make your homemade pesto at home with a simple blender and your homemade focaccia 

Price per person $50


In this class you'll learn how to make you own pie crust with the original italian recipe, we'll teach how to prepare tiramisù in the traditional way and italian pasticciotto, a sweet little treat filled with cream. In the end we'll see the process to make pastiera, a neapolitan tart made during easter with sweet ricotta and cooked wheat cream

Price per person $80

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Classes are on Monday at 3.30 pm and 6.30pm.

Every Class is about 2 hour time, we'll provide you utensils, food and every need to make it.

Families, friends and people curious about food are warmly welcome to spend this time with Lucia and Francesco for an authentic italian experience!

We prefer to host people from 1 to 4 person for a more personal experience for larger group contact us at

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