Cooking Classes

two women holding home-made pasta

Pasta Class

2h | $48

This pasta class is dedicated to discovering how to make pasta from scratch. You'll learn how to make egg pasta dough and water pasta dough. Making pasta sheet, slicing spaghetti, and fettuccine. After we'll explain how to make filled pasta such as ravioli, caramelle, fagottini, and more! Classes are every day from Tuesday to Sunday in the morning and it's required to book it in advance by phone, online or in-person at our place. You can also buy the voucher for class online on the order page, vouchers never expire. Every Class is about 2 hour, we'll provide you utensils, food and everything need to make it. Families, friends, and people curious about food are warmly welcome to spend this time with Lucia and Francesco for an authentic Italian experience! We prefer to host people from 1 to 4 person for a more personal experience for larger group contact us at

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night cooking classes

Night Cooking Class
Make your own pasta!

2h | $75

Enjoy a Special Night! Choose your pasta and learn how to make it from scratch to dine with your handmade dish! Our date night is built like this: you get to choose any pasta from the menu, whichever you prefer no limits. We’ll teach how to make it from scratch and then cook it to have your dinner! Dinner will include appetizer and dessert for each guest. Prices are per person.

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Italian Bread on the table

Italian Bread Making

2h | $40

During this class, you'll learn how to make perfect Italian sourdough bread with the same equipment you can find in a regular home kitchen. The class will focus on how to prepare the dough, using yeast to rise your bread, and how to bake with a delicious crust and soft inside! We will provide all the equipment and ingredients for the class and every person will make two different bread to bring home.

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Italian lasagna

Italian Lasagna

2h | $100

This class will focus on learning how to make a delicious Italian lasagna from scratch. We will teach how to prepare a Bolognese ragù sauce, making the pasta sheets, bechamel, pesto, and assemble the lasagna. We will make 2 different recipes, one regular lasagna and the other will be a pesto one.

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